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Playing golf for the first time ever in my life! It was much more fun than I expected. Really good coaching. I received some advisers from Jonathan and I could hit much better! Really recommend for all beginners who would like to start to play golf!

Ko Hkmta

Super clear and effective advice on enhancing your game. I highly recommend Jonathan’s lessons, he lets you understand the why of how slight changes can improve your overall game. He is a game changer!!

Jacqueline Brisebois

Johnathan was an excellent instructor, we broke down my swing in every aspect and made suggestions that have elevated my golf game to the next level. Highly recommended!

Mitch Patter

Thank you Golf BC for finding this incredible talent, Jonathan. Honestly the best lesson I have attended. He was so clear and concise in his instructions. I saw improvement so quickly. I left feeling confident.

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Karen Neal

Half-hour lesson each for myself and my wife. Both of us hitting the ball much better. Can't wait to see what the next few lessons bring.

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Joanne Ritchie Jemson

Jonathan is an awesome instructor! If you are looking to make big improvements in your game a lesson with him is definitely worth the investment. Enjoyed the elite level instruction on how to make the necessary changes. I am now hitting the ball much more consistently!

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Alex Crawford

I’ve had only one lesson so far, but already I have seen a vast improvement in my swing and ball contact. Jonathan has a real talent for breaking things down into digestible parts so you are nor overwhelmed with all the technical aspects of the game. Looking forward to my other lessons with him!

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Julianna Masson
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4320 Gallaghers Dr West
Kelowna BC, V1W 3Z9
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8:00 - 22:00
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